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    One-of-a-kind adventures with something for everyone!

    A different kind of scuba diving adventure for those looking for the finer things. From extending your depth and range to taking underwater photos, there's a scuba diving speciality for everyone.

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    Go pro

    From zero to hero. Go pro and live the dream!

    Become a scuba diving professional, an an internationally recognised dive leader, PADI Divemaster and instructor. Travel the world and earn a living with one of the most unique and diverse international past times.

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    Go Diving

    The best scuba diving on the south coast of Spain!

    Get underwater in Spain's Scuba Diving hotspot - Costa Tropical - the epicentre of marine life, a tropical microclimate and the best dive sites on the south coast.

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    Learn to dive

    Discover the other 70% of the globe. Get your PADI!

    Experience an unparalleled adventure and see the world beneath the waves. Learn to scuba dive, get your PADI and unlock an underwater oasis of adventure and discovery with your passport to the other 70% of the globe.