PROLIGHT is the successor of the mythic Frog model of which inherits its basic feature that extend the blade over the foot pocket, but applying new materials and an improved design. The result is a medium dimensions fins, with a surprising reactivity and a great propulsive performance.

The lightness and balance of materials, with a very modern design, make Prolight to be a generous fin, which provides exuberant proportions with limited physic wear. It's really versatile, perfect both for novel and professional divers or instructors and technical divers.
The blade arises from the superior part of the foot pocket, linking solidly the fin to the foot and transmitting all the generated effort while flapping without energy loss through soft areas. This version allows channeling the water from the ankle to the blade's end, which is different from traditional models, in which the foot pocket doesn't help to improve. Besides improving the flapping direction, this design provides features between 10% and 15% higher than other similar models on the market.
The combination of 3 different materials guarantees the optimization of the requirements in every area of the fin:

  • Main propylene body: this material, inherited from apnea fins, has as main feature the extremely rapid energy transmission applied and its great structural rigidity. It is applied on the blade and on the internal sandwich sole area. It is really nervous and reactive and facilitates an effective and agile flutter. It has a relationship effort-efficiency clearly superior to traditional materials (natural or thermoplastic rubber, polyurethane, EVA). It also has a great resistance to breaks to the point that Cressi guarantees it lifelong to a sportive usage.
  • Flexible elastomer: it's applied on the foot pocket and on areas that require flexibility and elasticity, because that influences the diver's comfort (on the foot pocket's forefoot, the sole's interior and the instep area that is in contact with the anckle). It's also applied on areas that require anti-slip capacity: on the sole (only the floor contact area) and on the blade sides. The fusion of both materials is produced at molecular level and its solidity is guaranteed lifelong to a sportive usage.
  • Longitudinal section "spina di pesce": this concept, inherited from apnea fins, implies that the blade has a decreasing thickness as it approaches the point. This way, the arching recover, which the fluttering makes on the fin, causes a spring effect when the blade is recovered. Also, makes the fin's flexion to be much more progressive, improving the fluttering directionality.

Foot pocket with three different volumes, with narrow central area to maintain the foot firmly fixed inside and to make direct and precise the effort transmission foot-foot pocket-blade.
PROLIGHT is an excellent combination between:

  • Power: because its rigid longitudinal composition.
  • Velocity: because of propylene features.
  • Effort use: because of its materials and decreasing thickness profile.
  • Handling: because of its moderated length.

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