A fin with an innovative concept in terms of materials and design, yet enjoying the exclusive features of Cressi diving fins while maintaining the spirit of the legendary Frog.

FROG PLUS is manufactured using a new variant of low modulus polypropylene that, combined with a particular structure, combines great flexibility, softness, and resistance for demanding use (including as a rental fin and for training at a dive center), unprecedented durability, and aesthetics in fins designed with this philosophy. Frog Plus is the true 4x4 of Cressi fins.


The combination of 3 different materials ensures the optimization of each zone of the fin without the need to increase thickness:

  • Main body of polypropylene: A material inherited from freediving characterized by rapid energy transmission. Applied to the blade and the inner part of the sole sandwich, it is very responsive, facilitating agile finning and rapid progress. It has a performance-to-effort ratio significantly superior to rubber (natural or thermoplastic), polyurethane, E.V.A., and only surpassed by carbon. Additionally, it has high break resistance, with Cressi guaranteeing it for a lifetime of sports use.

  • Flexible Elastomer: Applied to the foot pocket and areas requiring flexibility and elasticity, influencing diver comfort. Fusion of both materials occurs at the molecular level, with its strength guaranteed for a lifetime of sports use.

  • Compact Elastomer: Flexible but not elastic, used in areas requiring a rubbery, non-slip, firm, and highly resistant composition, such as longitudinal nerves, foot pocket sole, and foot strap (mid-foot area). Also assigned to areas requiring non-slip capability, sole inserts (ground contact area), and anti-impact features, such as perimeter reinforcements of the blade.

Technical Features:

The structure designed for this new variant of the blade's base material aims to combine high strength with good water channeling, protection of the lateral nerves, and a soft toe cap for comfortable finning and reduced erosion from accidental bottom contacts. It also incorporates several technologies common to other Cressi models.

  • "Foot Pocket Under the Blade" Design: The blade originates directly from the top of the foot pocket, solidly connecting the fin to the foot and transmitting all the effort generated while finning without energy losses through soft areas. This design not only improves the directionality of finning but also provides performance 10% to 15% higher than what would be expected for a fin of its blade surface.

  • Gradually Decreasing Profile Thickness of the Blade: Improves the directionality of finning and achieves greater inertia of the fin's rear part.

  • Reinforced Foot Pocket: Reinforced in the upper area with an additional thickness and laterally by two polypropylene extensions from the blade to prevent energy dispersion in the transmission process from the foot to the blade. Its three longitudinal volumes fit the foot comfortably but securely, optimizing the use of effort.

  • 360° Swiveling Buckles: With bayonet insertion in the foot pocket, preventing accidental loss of the female part. Optional spring straps (AISI 316 stainless steel) with the same buckles as the standard version but reinforced with a stainless steel pin are available.

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