Gloves X-Thermic 3mm

They combine elasticity that provide new fabrics recently introduced in the market, with resistance to erosion and to usage of previous models.

Ultraspan® exterior fabric, extremely elastic and it doesn't get attached to Velcro® (the jacket's sash, etc.) as it happens with similar fabrics.

Inside made with the innovative fabric Nano Plush Carbon®, really thermal, waterproof and antibacterial apart from having very soft touch.

To improve its resistance it has been completely covered with PU spots: palm, fingers and back. These spots' resistance has been studied regarding the fabric's release with usage, something usual when really elastic fabrics are used. This way, while the natural extension capacity of the fabric is reduced, its resistance is multiplied.

High density neoprene to guarantee a great incompressibility.

The pattern has managed important details as the fingers depth, the perfect closing of the wrist area and width of the palm, a critical point for the gloves' comfort.

The sewing and pasting are high quality and guarantee a great glove watertightness, despite its reduced thickness.

39.00 €
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