Trip to South Africa

April 3-12, 2025

All divers enjoy the sensation of diving in tropical, clear, calm, and relaxing waters, but from the SCUBA SUR team, we want to offer you a more thrilling, adrenaline-pumping, and wild trip. This time we are going diving on the east coast of the country, just a few kilometers from Durban Airport, aiming to undertake intense dives at the Aliwal Sohal reefs and Protea Banks.

In Umkoomas, named after the river that flows into the shores of Aliwal Shoal, we will have our base camp from where we will head each morning to the river mouth, through which we will enter the ocean in what promises to be quite a wild maneuver. Seriously, just being on the zodiac boat is an adventure in itself, we guarantee it.

We will dive at the most interesting and renowned points of the area's reefs, where encounters with large pelagic species, especially sharks, are practically guaranteed.

At SCUBA SUR, we like our trips to be as comprehensive as possible, so we always try to offer activities that complement diving because we know you're interested in exploring both underwater and terrestrial life. Therefore, on this trip, we'll focus on morning dives - two per day whenever conditions permit - both at the Aliwal Sohal and Protea Banks reefs, with afternoons free for excursions in the area.

How about visiting a crocodile and bird rehabilitation center? Shall we go meet a Zulu village? What about heading to Durban to explore local shops and cuisine? Or do you prefer to keep up the adrenaline levels and go paragliding over Umkomaas... the options are many, and we can decide on the go, perhaps opting to relax at the resort and discuss our dives over a delicious fruit juice.

The trip will conclude with a safari in the private reserve of Nambiti, where we can come face to face with the most impressive animals of the South African savannah. A safari in private jeeps with local guides who will eagerly share their knowledge gained over years of observing the area's wildlife.

For more information, call MARCOS: +34 622 72 19 01

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